Friday, 24 January 2014

París: Day One

It has been almost two years since I last came to the European country, but now, my main motivation to visit is to spend some time with my girlfriend in Paris, just as I promised her before she left to Madrid to study her Master's degree.

I had planned everything with months of anticipation, I would be arriving Europe through Brussels once again and after that by train to Paris arriving at Gare du Nord station, my girlfriend would be arriving by airplane to Paris Orly International Airport, Ouest terminal. And our hotel was located just in front of the Gare du Nord station, but two nights after our arrival date, I decided to cancel that reservation and book another hotel, in front of the Dupleix station and 10 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower by foot, basically, a better hotel, but 50€ more expensive. Not that I really cared about that.

Once the reservation was confirmed I started planning the journey to get there.

The day came and it was time for us to go to Paris, we stayed in contact through text messaging. She let me know when she arrived at the airport and when she stared boarding the plane. I on the other hand told her about arriving at Gare du Midi station in Brussels and when my train departed. The travel time from Brussels to Paris by train is the same than flying from Madrid.

I arrived to Paris Gare du Nord and I then bought a ticket to board the RER line B to Denfert Rocherau, once arriving there I boarded the Orlybus to the Orly International airport. In my mind I was thinking about her, about the fact that we were going to spend some days together, all by ourselves in a city I did not know and when she visited last was to young to remember.

I arrived at the airport, the weight of my backpack was starting to hurt on my shoulders, but when I reached the screen I noticed her flight had already landed and was in the gate 8. I went on that direction, almost running, I could not hold my excitement, but then, I saw her sitting on a bench, talking to a woman, she noticed me, she looked at me and smiled, she got up from the bench and we greeted each other as we usually do. That is when the most strange thing happened. Despite being away from each other for three months, we both felt as if we had never been away in the first time, that is when I realised, as long as we keep communicating as we have been doing, through text messages and video calls we felt as if we were together.

I know that this may sound strange for you, the reader, to read these lines, specially if you have read my last posts, but as I noticed, when my girlfriend is in the subject I can be emotional as anybody else, or perhaps even more. 

After reuniting at the airport we bought tickets for the Orlybus back to Denfert Rocherau station in Paris, on the way there we decided to help her newfound friend get a hotel room for the night. I consulted my smartphone and got the address and fare for a hotel in front of the Pasteur station.

We got to our hotel first by taking the line 6 of the Metro to Dupleix. We checked in the hotel and only my girlfriend and I went up to the room, she pressed the button to call the elevator and once inside I pressed the button for the fourth floors when the doors closed we stared at each other and smiled, she looked beautiful.

The doors opened once again and we went out to the corridor, to the room 402 which I opened using the key card. Once inside we dropped our luggage on the carpeted floor. The room had one big bed, in front of it a television and windows to each side of the tv and tables to each side of the bed. We had a sm all closet, considering the amount of luggage we were carrying, and the bathroom had the basics, a shower, sink and toilet. The room was pretty good and spacious, considering the area where the hotel was located.

We stared at each other, we hugged and shared a long, delicious kiss before going down again to take our friend to her hotel. On the way there I kept looking at my girlfriend, she looked happy and excited. We were finally together in Paris. She was observing every detail of the city. She noticed a plate commemorating a place where a part of the story of "Les Miserables" happened.

We left her at her hotel, but not before exchanging cell phone numbers to keep in touch. We returned to our hotel to groom ourselves up a bit, once again she pressed the button to call the elevator and I pressed the button to go to our floor. I changed my coat for the black one and she entered the bathroom, I used that time to look out the window and stare at the city. She came out of the bathroom and embraced me from behind, I turned around and kissed her, hugged her back and we both stared caressing our bodies, but we both agreed we wanted to go out and meet the city, we had all the night for ourselves.

We went out and started walking north, hand in hand looking at buildings and the street and the park in Place Dupleix, from there we could barely see the Eiffel Tower's top. We started walking in the general direction. We arrived at the middle of Champ de Mars and then we headed straight towards the tower. It was huge, tall and beautiful we stood there under the tower, looking straight up and glancing at each other, telling ourselves we were finally in Paris, together in Paris.

We walked past the tower and found ourselves at the shore of the Seine river, looking for something to eat, we found a restaurant on a boat and we decided to eat there. We had a big bottle of water to drink, she had spinach ravioli and I had duck breast with apple and mashed potatoes. Both meals were delicious. We spent our meal talking about us, about what we were going to do next, what places to visit, what things to do. We were so excited and happy.

After we devoured our meal we decided to head back to the hotel and plan a route for the places we wanted to visit: the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, Luxembourg palace and garden, Place des Vosges, the catacombs, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

The sun went down as we planned our vacations and we were so tired from the journey to Paris that we decided to have McDonald's hamburgers for dinner and of course we had the famous (at least famous as a Pulp Fiction reference) royale with cheese.

Whe returned to the hotel to eat our dinner and we had sex, it was one of the best experiences I had, basically because it was with her, in Paris and after three months of not seeing each other.

She started by using a bottle of edible body paint she bought back in Spain, she used the brush to paint lines through my body, down to my penis and outlining it as if she was drawing a painting. I layed still on the bed enjoying every sensation she produced me, after she was finished painting, she started to gently kiss and lick the paint off. The sensation of her mouth going through my body was spectacular and it was something I really missed. Soon after that she got out another one of her new toys, this one was for her. A plug that can be attached to a flat surface such as bathroom walls or toilet seats, so that is what I did. I took her to the bathroom and attached her toy to the toilet seat, then I told her to seat on it and put it in, as she did that I placed myself in front of her, and guided her mouth to my penis, as she started sucking I started moving so she had to follow my movements, causing her to move up and down her plug. With each movement she was getting closer to an orgasm, that made her suck my penis on a different way, making it harder for me to contain myself. After a couple of orgasms on her behalf I felt I was about to have one too so I grabbed her head and started ejaculating in her mouth. I have to describe this feeling as one of my favourite sensations.

That night we slept hugging each other, but that was not how we spent the night, we woke up in totally different positions.