Thursday, 15 November 2012

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I think it is appropriate to start by writing something about me and how I came to be in my current situation, so I shall do so below.

I was born in the American continent in the country of Mexico twenty five years ago.

As any common child I grew up knowing and believing all that was said to me by my parents or my teachers and yes, even priests.

One day I decided that most of the explanations to my questions were nonsense or just plainly stupid. This introduced me to the scientific method at the age of five and it was by applying it that I started understanding most of my questions by myself or by research.

Soon I began questioning other things that I used to believe, mainly religion. And I discovered that it was inconsistent, incoherent and most of the time illogical, but at the same time I found it brilliant, the idea of making up a story some 1,700 years ago and that nowadays it is still used by very smart people to take money from very stupid people, it is a perfect business model... but I am drifting away.

Back to the point... some years ago I am in high school and my observation skills have improved a lot, I basically became a living lie detector. I used to cheat in most of my exams by asking the teacher "innocent" questions that could be answered "yes" or "no", but still, even when the professor answered "I don't know" most of his behaviour, facial and body expressions gave me an understanding of how right or wrong I was. An example: I am in an exam based on the reading of a book, one that I found very boring and did not read past the second chapter, most of the questions are about parts that I did not read so I ask the teacher to come to my desk and show him my answer, while he is reading it I see his brows, eyes, mouth, fingers and throat, usually, if I was right the professor's brows raised a little bit, his eyes opened a little bit more and his mouth and fingers did not move any more besides what was usual, but, if I was wrong his brows would stood still, he would close a little bit his eyes, his lips pressed against each other and he started playing with his fingers behind his back and a deep breath would cause his throat to expand just a little bit. Of course, that gave me just a clue about my answer, but in order to get the right one I had to came up with what I thought was the right answer, asked about it to the teacher and his usual answer was "I don't know, maybe you should have read the book" and again, looking at those indications I would get an idea about how right or wrong was my new answer.

I kept using those skills in every aspect of my life, that helped me knowing more about people and I think that is why I never bothered to have a girlfriend, every woman I met was either a slut or a plain and simple woman that could be read in less than 5 minutes and I would learn everything about her in that time. Or both boring and a slut.

By the time I finished my studies in high school I started training Kendo, the art of using swords and the way of the samurai... the important thing, I met my current girlfriend there, at the beginning she did not seem as interesting as she really was, and she hated me. But by talking to her I found out she was really interesting, smart and challenging, so I started developing feelings for her and finally we became a couple, I at age 18 and she at age 14.

Skipping 5 years, it is now 2011 and both of us began experimenting with our sexuality, we discovered we like a thing called BDSM, I love to cause pain, torture and submit a person, it calms certain urges I get, and she loves to be tortured and punished and in consequence, dominated.

My skills for reading people, observing and deducting helps me knowing how to read her and her reactions towards my actions, and I apply them in other people I play with... which now brings us to my present situation.

I use my skills to manipulate people to my convenience whenever I see fit, for example, at work I read people and know whether they are lying to me or not and act accordingly, I have reasons to believe that I recently caused a lawyer to be fired from her work, but I do not regret it, she was awful.

I apply my skills when playing with people and I think that helps me becoming a better torturer, I can cause either pain or pleasure, depending on how I do things and how easy I can read the person or how much I know her...

And finally, the present day. My skills are useful for me at work and with both my girlfriends, for punishing them when they do not do their responsibilities or just for fun. Although sometimes I find it hard to fake social interactions, specially with irritating people and I tend to tell the truth however uncomfortable it is. I tend to say anything I have to say, straight to the point. I consider myself capable of feeling, I do feel love, hate, anger, fear, happiness, stress, and lots of other things, the problem is describing my feelings, I do not know if I am some sort of sociopath or psychopath or I just do not care about 99% of the people I interact with.

That is something about me, what I am and how I function and now I think I can proceed with other things such as my recent journey to Europe or BDSM sessions or that time when I emotionally broke X person because he or she was not doing the job good enough, fast enough. But I shall decide that later...


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