Wednesday, 28 May 2014

To The Most Important Person in My Life

We met more than eight years ago and I have to say, when I first saw you I did not think very much of you, you seemed to me as just another girl who loved disney so much she could not get out of an Aladdin's sweater to train Kendo. Just after I first saw you I found out you studied at one of the most religious schools in the city, quite expensive too by the way and that did not help improve my perception of you.

How mistaken I was, I think that first analysis of you has been one of my greatest mistakes, because eight years in the future you have become the most important person in my life. Today is your birthday, however, it may comfort you to know that I am still four years older than you.

With you I have learned a whole lot of different things, in many ways we have grown together, learned together and experience new things together, both good things and bad things.

You know I am not good with words or with expressing feelings, and that is why this message may seem brief, but it has taken me hours to write. I cannot find the words to express how happy I am for you, how proud I am for what you have accomplished so far. I am privileged of having you as my spankee and occasionally, when we feel like it, my pet slave.

I congratulate you, not just because of your birthday, but also because mine was a few days ago and we have just passed another year of learning together, even if right now you find yourself studying in another continent across the ocean and I want to reassert what I asked you in Paris, I invite you to spend your life alongside with me, learning from each other and enjoying ourselves the whole time.

Yours always,

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paris: Day Two

Before we begin, I must say, this entry will have plenty more images than normal.

It was already morning, that night was the best night of sleep I had since arriving in Europe. We were both awake, it was 6 in the morning but it was still dark. We were in the bed, cuddling and talking about what we were going to do during the day.

It was January 20th, 2014 and what an important date it was, for that day was the day of our eight anniversary, and the day promised to be a very special one. Our plan was to visit Louvre museum, then Orsay museum and then return to the hotel to groom ourselves for a dinner at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant which is located on the first level of the Eiffel Tower and for that reason it already is a very exclusive restaurant which only receives customers with reservation and it receives a small group of maximum 20 people per time.

Suddenly my cellphone started playing "Heat of the moment" by Asia, it was my alarm set to activate at 7:00 am. We took a quick bath and put some comfortable clothes, we grabbed our cameras and set off to spend our aniversary together.

We descended the hotel by elevator, in a way that was now a habit. She pressed the button to call the elevator and I pressed the button for the floor. We left the hotel and crossed the street towards the Duplaix station. Once there I bought 10 metro tickets and we used two of them straight away.

We went off the metro at the Tuileries station. Once outside at ground level, right in front of us was a huge park, we were at the eastern end of it. We decided to go to the museum through the park, taking pictures all the way through our walk, among the pictures were the Arc de triomphe du Carrousel and the facade of the museum.

Walking past the arch and crossing the street we finally got to the entrance of the museum, a glass pyramid, and inside a security checkpoint with metal detectors and scanners for backpacks or bags.

When we crossed the checkpoint we descended through stairs and into the court. The court itself was impressive, with four sales points and one central information module. To the west, a series of shops and a small cafeteria. We decided to buy the tickets, get the map and go to the cafeteria to have breakfast.

After that we decided to follow the recommendations of the person in the information module and started with the Denon wing, upon entering we headed right, towards the sculptures. We admired every sculpture, and with each glimpse of the outside we got from the windows, we also took our time marveling with the architecture of the museum itself.

We then headed to the left of the Denon wing, into ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts. Greek tablets fascinated us. Hughe tablets of rock that look hundred years old with blurry engravings, sometimes highlighted with red ink. Certainly fascinating articles, very tempting to touch for both of us. Moving forward we got to the Egiptian and Roman/Egiptian exhibit, one of our most favourite part of the museum indeed.

One and a half hours have passed and we are still stuck in the Denon wing, immersed in every item, each one of us contemplating our favourite articles, ranging from beautiful books with golden details to daggers with jade hilts and impressive level of detail in the blade.

Eventually, arround 11:20 am, we entered the Sully wing where the medieval exhibit was. It showed the medieval past of Louvre, a part of the castle and what back in the day was the inside part of the main wall and the pit. Since the rocks of the castle were within arm's reach, we decided to touch those ancient rocks, cold to the touch but rich in history. I could not help but wonder what had those rocks seen all those years.

Fourty minutes later we were in the section displaying greek sculptures, our favourite was a sculpture of Artemis, the goddess of hunt, wilderness, the moon and many other things.

Wandering and browsing we made our way to the paintings exhibit, showing paintings of many different artists, among them, our favourite of them all, Leonardo DaVinci. Every painting was beautiful and we simply lost ourselves in the paintings. Suddenly, we found ourselves in the hall where the famous Mona Lisa painting is located. To nobody's surprise the site was crowded with people taking pictures of the painting, we decided not to struggle with people to get to the front and take a picture with our cameras, since pictures of the Mona Lisa can be found everywhere and many of them with better resolution than any of our cameras. Instead, we decided to appreciate the image for what it was, look at the details, and through each stroke of the paintbrush, get to know the painting, and the painter.

We left the museum at approximately 13:40, exhausted and with sensory overload we decided to get something to eat. I led her through Rue des Pyramides and we started looking for something to eat. Finally we decided to go into a bagel joint and eat there.

After finishing our meals we returned to the garden Jardin des Tuileries and decided to wander about, spending some time with each other, looking at the fountains, at the ducks, at the landscape, at each other. We finally arrived to the eand of the garden and to the obelisk. Before us there was a ferris wheel, we climbed it and took time for ourselves, up there we shared a delicious and passionate kiss.

Finally it was time, we headed back to our hotel room, rested a bit, took a shower and started grooming ourselves for our dinner. I wore a black suit with suspenders and a bowtie, coat, raincoat and a long wool scarf. While she was in the bathroom I took time to look myself at the mirror, check my pockets and took a small white box, containing the main reason for our dinner tonight. I heard the bathroom door opening and I quickly put the box away in my coat's inner pocket. She came out of the bathroom in one of the most beautiful outfits I have had the pleasure to see. A long-sleeved black shirt and elegant black leggings, on top of that a beautiful short sleeveless dress. On her head a white french-style beret, her hair was uncomplicated and perfect, she had little to no make up on her face and beautiful red lips.

We left the hotel and walked to our destination, it was already dark and it was barely 18:00. We finally got there, once again to the Eiffel Tower, but this time, instead of dining in the boat of the previous day we were about to have dinner in the most exclusive and expensive restaurants I have ever visited, the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, it rested in the first level of the Eiffel Tower, facing the Trocadero square.

Once up there a waitress took us to our table which had a beautiful view of the Trocadero Sqare, as soon as we got to our table another waiter came to us and served us two glasses of Möet & Chandon champagne and two glasses of still water.

We both were excited to be there, because of the place, of the ocation, but mainly because of the company we had. I wanted to make of this a very special occasion, but the truth is that any other place would be just as good, as long as I was with her.

For the entrée we both had chestnut cream with mushrooms and fine herbs, it was simply delicious; it was my first time trying chestnuts.

For the main course she had baked chicken covered with oat with a side of pumpkin and glazed onions and jus, a reduction of herbs and red wine.
On the other hand, I had roasted lamb with a side of artichoke macaroni covered in parmesan cream with jus.
 And to drink along with our dishes, a bottle of a 29 year old Château La Pierrière red wine.

For dessert she had Profiterole, which is vanilla ice cream covered in hot chocolate sauce. I had a Mont-Blanc which was a white macaron with cream and chestnut, along eith a cup of coffee.

The dinner was finished and it was time for me to do my thing, I held her in my arms whie I asked her the question I was there to ask, then, I got the little white box and opened it before her eyes, showing a white-gold-coated silver ring with a natural deep blue sapphire. Before you say anything, yes, we are quite an unconventional couple and yes, this stone was a better choice instead of diamond for many reasons I will not bother to detail. Once she saw the ring she was rendered speechless, here eyes and mouth were wide opened and I noticed her cheeks blushing. She froze in that position so I took the ring in one hand, saved the box in my pocket and took her right hand in my other hand. As I slid the ring into her finger she began breathing heavily out of excitement. After that point she did not stop looking at her ring, telling to herself how beautiful and perfect it was, thanking me and hugging me, kissing me and screaming in excitement. That was our way back to the hotel.

Once there we shut the door behind us and did not loose any time before getting rid of our clothes. She went back into the bathroom and came out using a red thong and red long-sleeved gloves. With her she had another toy she bought specially for that night, some sort of egg, made specifically for male masturbation. Before anything she got read of my underpants, exposing my already erect member. She started carressing it with her hands, using the gloves, providing a magnificent sensation, while kissing me in my mouth, neck and chest.

Then she proceeded to open the toy and remove her gloves, and just as I did with her finger and her ring, she slid my penis inside her toy and started stroking it with the toy. The sensation was incredible, feeling the textures of the toy and her hand through it. Things got a little rough and she pierced the toy with my penis, exposing the tip to the open air. That gave her the great idea of carry on stroking me with the toy while licking and sucking the tip. For me it was only several minutes, but as she later pointed out, tenths of minutes later I could not help my self but ejaculate, so I did and after cleaning myself for logic reasons I took her to the bed, and got out a toy favourite of us, a black leather twelve tails flogger. I forced her to crouch on all fours on the bed and I started whipping her on her back, her ass and the back of her legs. She started screaming in pain, but later her screams turned into moans of pleasure, then I penetrated her from behind and without stopping whipping her back I thrusted myself in and out of her. A few orgasms on her behalf later I ditched the flogger, turned her around, spread her legs wide open and placed myself between them, once there I penetrated her and started moving my hips. As her pleasure increased she started biting my neck and scratching my back with her nails. The sensation of her hands and her mouth, combined with the sensation of my penis entering her repeatedly combined into another orgasm which came at the same time as another orgasm of hers.

When we finished we were so exhausted we did not bother taking a shower that night and just as we were about to sleep she said: "That was our first time having sex as an engaged couple".

We spent the rest of that night sleeping while hugging ourselves, or if we were hot, pushing ourselves away to cool down a bit, another strange night, but what a perfect day it was.

©All images belong to Amel Hartmann and Evelyn Mayfair

Friday, 24 January 2014

París: Day One

It has been almost two years since I last came to the European country, but now, my main motivation to visit is to spend some time with my girlfriend in Paris, just as I promised her before she left to Madrid to study her Master's degree.

I had planned everything with months of anticipation, I would be arriving Europe through Brussels once again and after that by train to Paris arriving at Gare du Nord station, my girlfriend would be arriving by airplane to Paris Orly International Airport, Ouest terminal. And our hotel was located just in front of the Gare du Nord station, but two nights after our arrival date, I decided to cancel that reservation and book another hotel, in front of the Dupleix station and 10 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower by foot, basically, a better hotel, but 50€ more expensive. Not that I really cared about that.

Once the reservation was confirmed I started planning the journey to get there.

The day came and it was time for us to go to Paris, we stayed in contact through text messaging. She let me know when she arrived at the airport and when she stared boarding the plane. I on the other hand told her about arriving at Gare du Midi station in Brussels and when my train departed. The travel time from Brussels to Paris by train is the same than flying from Madrid.

I arrived to Paris Gare du Nord and I then bought a ticket to board the RER line B to Denfert Rocherau, once arriving there I boarded the Orlybus to the Orly International airport. In my mind I was thinking about her, about the fact that we were going to spend some days together, all by ourselves in a city I did not know and when she visited last was to young to remember.

I arrived at the airport, the weight of my backpack was starting to hurt on my shoulders, but when I reached the screen I noticed her flight had already landed and was in the gate 8. I went on that direction, almost running, I could not hold my excitement, but then, I saw her sitting on a bench, talking to a woman, she noticed me, she looked at me and smiled, she got up from the bench and we greeted each other as we usually do. That is when the most strange thing happened. Despite being away from each other for three months, we both felt as if we had never been away in the first time, that is when I realised, as long as we keep communicating as we have been doing, through text messages and video calls we felt as if we were together.

I know that this may sound strange for you, the reader, to read these lines, specially if you have read my last posts, but as I noticed, when my girlfriend is in the subject I can be emotional as anybody else, or perhaps even more. 

After reuniting at the airport we bought tickets for the Orlybus back to Denfert Rocherau station in Paris, on the way there we decided to help her newfound friend get a hotel room for the night. I consulted my smartphone and got the address and fare for a hotel in front of the Pasteur station.

We got to our hotel first by taking the line 6 of the Metro to Dupleix. We checked in the hotel and only my girlfriend and I went up to the room, she pressed the button to call the elevator and once inside I pressed the button for the fourth floors when the doors closed we stared at each other and smiled, she looked beautiful.

The doors opened once again and we went out to the corridor, to the room 402 which I opened using the key card. Once inside we dropped our luggage on the carpeted floor. The room had one big bed, in front of it a television and windows to each side of the tv and tables to each side of the bed. We had a sm all closet, considering the amount of luggage we were carrying, and the bathroom had the basics, a shower, sink and toilet. The room was pretty good and spacious, considering the area where the hotel was located.

We stared at each other, we hugged and shared a long, delicious kiss before going down again to take our friend to her hotel. On the way there I kept looking at my girlfriend, she looked happy and excited. We were finally together in Paris. She was observing every detail of the city. She noticed a plate commemorating a place where a part of the story of "Les Miserables" happened.

We left her at her hotel, but not before exchanging cell phone numbers to keep in touch. We returned to our hotel to groom ourselves up a bit, once again she pressed the button to call the elevator and I pressed the button to go to our floor. I changed my coat for the black one and she entered the bathroom, I used that time to look out the window and stare at the city. She came out of the bathroom and embraced me from behind, I turned around and kissed her, hugged her back and we both stared caressing our bodies, but we both agreed we wanted to go out and meet the city, we had all the night for ourselves.

We went out and started walking north, hand in hand looking at buildings and the street and the park in Place Dupleix, from there we could barely see the Eiffel Tower's top. We started walking in the general direction. We arrived at the middle of Champ de Mars and then we headed straight towards the tower. It was huge, tall and beautiful we stood there under the tower, looking straight up and glancing at each other, telling ourselves we were finally in Paris, together in Paris.

We walked past the tower and found ourselves at the shore of the Seine river, looking for something to eat, we found a restaurant on a boat and we decided to eat there. We had a big bottle of water to drink, she had spinach ravioli and I had duck breast with apple and mashed potatoes. Both meals were delicious. We spent our meal talking about us, about what we were going to do next, what places to visit, what things to do. We were so excited and happy.

After we devoured our meal we decided to head back to the hotel and plan a route for the places we wanted to visit: the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, Luxembourg palace and garden, Place des Vosges, the catacombs, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

The sun went down as we planned our vacations and we were so tired from the journey to Paris that we decided to have McDonald's hamburgers for dinner and of course we had the famous (at least famous as a Pulp Fiction reference) royale with cheese.

Whe returned to the hotel to eat our dinner and we had sex, it was one of the best experiences I had, basically because it was with her, in Paris and after three months of not seeing each other.

She started by using a bottle of edible body paint she bought back in Spain, she used the brush to paint lines through my body, down to my penis and outlining it as if she was drawing a painting. I layed still on the bed enjoying every sensation she produced me, after she was finished painting, she started to gently kiss and lick the paint off. The sensation of her mouth going through my body was spectacular and it was something I really missed. Soon after that she got out another one of her new toys, this one was for her. A plug that can be attached to a flat surface such as bathroom walls or toilet seats, so that is what I did. I took her to the bathroom and attached her toy to the toilet seat, then I told her to seat on it and put it in, as she did that I placed myself in front of her, and guided her mouth to my penis, as she started sucking I started moving so she had to follow my movements, causing her to move up and down her plug. With each movement she was getting closer to an orgasm, that made her suck my penis on a different way, making it harder for me to contain myself. After a couple of orgasms on her behalf I felt I was about to have one too so I grabbed her head and started ejaculating in her mouth. I have to describe this feeling as one of my favourite sensations.

That night we slept hugging each other, but that was not how we spent the night, we woke up in totally different positions.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wandering in Brussels

Fear, it is the most important feeling that anyone could have, fear is that thing we feel when we confront a threat, we are in a dangerous situation or we are faced with uncertainty or the unknown.
But it is not stupid to be afraid, the reactions towards it are the stupid ones, some people freeze, some others react quickly but in a stupid manner and some others react to it in the best way possible. I have seen people getting hit by cars because they got scared and they froze in place, but I have seen other people running towards safety when threatened in the same way. It is all about reacting accordingly.

To be franlky, it was my first time travelling alone, it was my first time travelling to other country, it was my first time crossing the Atlantic and most importantly, it was my first time doing all those things together. As soon as I crossed customs and was officialy in Europe, more precisely, Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, the official languages there are Dutch, French and German, but nobody I knew in brussels spoke German, I do not speak Dutch and I am not fluent in French.

My first thought there was: "I have to get to the hostel", it was followed by "where is the hostel?". I had a problem, the information of the reservation was online and I did not have internet on my phone, in fact it was running out of battery, I had just 25% of the capacity of the battery remaining, I knew my current plugs would not fit in european sockets. The first thing I did was to visit a store which fortunately had computer with internet for use, I bought the plug adapter and 20 minutes of internet which was more than I needed, I got the address and reservation number for the hostel I was staying, it was the Hostel Louise in Boulevard Général Jacques number 82. I thought it would be a good idea to take a taxi instead of taking the risk of getting lost in the city.

I went out the airport and the first thing I felt was a cold chilling air. I was wearing waterproof sneakers, denim shoes, a long sleeve t-shirt and a clear brown raincoat and the air was cold and very humid, one of my favourite types of weather. I saw a line formed besides a sign of taxi so I decided to form in the line as well.

As I was aproaching the end of the line, the man behind me asked me if we could share the cab, I told him where I was going and he told me he was going just a couple of blocks ahead so we could share the cab and split the cost. I did not see anything wrong with that. The man had a leather suitcase on his right hand and he was pulling a bigger case with his left hand, he had a deep blue suit, white shirt and red tie, his hair was well groomed and he had a bluetooth headset on his right ear. He appeared to be a a business person that could afford a single cab but that idea would soon be dismissed when I found out by the taxi driver that the fare from the airport to the area we were going was of 90€, so the cost would be splitted in half, reducing my cost to 45€, out of the 200€ I had in cash.

I arived to the hostel with four hours in advance so I was allowed to leave my luggage there. I was very tired from my trip so I decided to reast in the main hall while my cell phone was charging. some twenty minutes later some spanish guy started making a scene because nobody in the hostel spoke spanish and he did not speak any other language besides spanish, he had dyed blond hair with some dashes of black, he had piercings in his left side of the lip and another in the right ear lobe. I decided to help him communicate with the person currently in charge who told him the same as me, we could do the check-in later that day, we could use the facilities and we could leave our luggage there.

He thanked me and invited me to go out and walk the city. I was extremely tired and my first response would have been "no", but then I thought "this will be my only full day here, it would be stupid of me to waste it sleeping" so finally I decided to go out with him.

We wandered off, took a tram and ended up in the historic centre of the city which is a square surrounded by big old buildings with gold decorations all over, it was a beutiful place.
©Amel Hartmann

We then proceeded to look for a place he spent al the way talking about, it was some sort of bar that held the world record for serving the largest amount of beers in the world, he did not have the name of the place and he did not know where it was, he did not spak any useful language, so it was up to me to find a single bar in a whole city in which I had only been for 5 hours. I started asking random people until I could get a clue, someone finally directed us towards an old part of town with narrow streets filled with bars and restaurants at each side of the street. We started asking in each bar and I finally got a name: Delirium Café. I also got an approximate location that was pointed in our map.

 ©Amel Hartmann

We finally got to the bar after two hours of searching, we entered the bar and picked up our place near the bartender, we asked for the menu and he handed us a big book with 3 beers per page with a little description, the amount of beer per bottle and the cost. We started drinking, I tasted some varieties of beers such as the one in the picture below, a beer with banana flavour. Soon enough, and after several beers I ran out of the remaining 155€ and I was left with only 5€ to return to the hostel.
  ©Amel Hartmann

On the way back to the hostel he met a friend of his and we got split, they wanted to go somewhere else that I had no interest in visiting so I returned to the hostel, I was tired, my feet hurt a lot and I was somewhat drunk. I arrived back to the hostel, rested up a bit and then went out to get some cash for the trip to the airport and looked for something to eat for dinner, that last part was somewhat difficult because it was 12:05 in the morning, I could only find a burger joint open and I had that for dinner. When I returned to the hostel I asked the manager for directions to the airport, talked to my girlfriend on the phone and went to sleep for the remaining two hours I had left.

I woke up at 4:00AM, took a shower and then left for the airport, I arrived one hour early, I proceeded to check-in and boarded my airplane without delays, I was heading for Munich with a stop at Copenhagen so I decided to get a rest and I slept the whole flight. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Crossing of the Atlantic - Part II

There was I in the Departures waiting lounge, doing exactly that... waiting, so I decided to open my book and start reading, it was Justine, by Sade. I read a few chapters when a man approached me, he was dressed in a white t-shirt with denim jeans and sandals, he had a cell phone without battery in his hand and a charger in the other, he had only his wallet and his travelling ticket, he had a worried look on his face mixed with a bit of shame. I acted as if I did not know he was going to talk to me and waited for him to make the first move. He took the seat next to me and for a few seconds he sat there in silence looking at his cell phone.

I knew he was going to talk to me and I had no desire to talk to him, he was going to ask me to help him somehow, most probably, some money. I stood up and as I was grabbing my shoulder bag he looked me in the eyes and said "Hello, how are you doing?". I was now obligated to answer so I simply replied with "Good, thank you" trying not to provoke further conversation, but he insisted to carry on with the awkward conversation and asked me if I knew where he could charge his phone, I pointed to a column full of electric socketsand he suddenly started telling me about his situation.

He claimed to be in Cancun on business, and that yesterday has been his last day of work there so he decided to go out and drink, the next day he woke up in his hotel room with nothing but his cell phone and his wallet which had nothing but his ID. He said he did not remember what happened last night and he called his company to see if they could facilitate a plane ticket because he lost his flight the previous night. The company did but he was in serious problems, he had no money and was hungry. He was going to ask me for money to get some food.

I could tell he was not lying about the drinking part, he had a hangover, he clearly had headaches and bright lights caused him more disconfort. While he was taking I put my theory to the test, I took my iPhone and used the screen to reflect some sunlight towards his eyes, when the beam hit his eyes, even through glasses he took a pause from his tale to rub the corner of his eyes.

About the other part of the story, he did not have any money or credit cards in his wallet and he had no carry on luggage. His disgusting smell told me he did not take a bath and he was wearing last night's outfit, but when he showed me his airplane ticket I saw he documented luggage, contrary to what he told me. His story was full of lies but also had some semi truths, luckily for me my flight was announced and I told him I could not help him and then left to my boarding gate.

Inside the next room, just before the boarding walkway there was a military checkpoint asking routine questions, they inspected my carry on luggage, pockets and wallets. after I got through the checkpoint I boarded the plane, a Boeing 767-300ER, I located my seat and got ready for flight.

Next to me there was a mexican couple visiting their daughter and granddaughter in Brussels, the flight was 12 hours long, most of which I spent sleeping, I woke up once when the flight attendants started serving dinner which consisted on spaghetti with meatballs, a lager beer named Jupiler and strawberry jelly.

I looked out the window and I could see the sun going down on my left side and pitch dark on the right side, from this I deduced I was heading north, which was obvious since ICAO forbids any airplane to fly farther than 2 hours from any airport, then I went back to sleep.

Photo courtesy of ©Anthony Jackson

The next time I woke up there was sunlight once again, I stood up to go to the bathroom and I looked out of the right rear door's window and I saw the sun coming up, then I went to the left side and I saw the twilight at the horizon and below I could only see the Atlantic ocean, as far as my eyes could see.

The third time I woke up I went to the rear of the airplane and I could finally see land, I was finally flying over european airspace, I calculated that I was flying over the United Kingdom.

One hour later the captain asked the crew and passengers to take a seat, put the tables and seats to upright position and fasten our seatbelts in order to start the final approach on Brussels Zaventem International Airport.

We landed and unboarded the airplane, I proceeded directly to the baggage claim area, my back pack was the 5th luggage to be delivered, I picked it up and proceeded to the inmigration offices where the officer asked me for my passport and without any questions stamped it with a permit to be in europe for 90 days, I crossed customs and I was officialy in Europe.


Friday, 23 November 2012

The Crossing of the Atlantic

One of my wishes has always been to travel across the Atlantic Ocean into the European continent. It was possible for me to do so earlier this year thanks to some money I managed to save and to my graduation present on behalf of my father.

I did my planning as meticulously as ever, scheduling every flight, check in and out from hotels and train travels with great precision, to the point of ruining my journey if by some reason I happened to lose a flight.

The day eventually came and I left my home at 6:00 am 18th of September, I arrived at the airport just in time to check in and I was soon enough on my way to the city of Cancun.

I should mention that I know quite a lot about aviation. I boarded the Airbus A320, fortunately for me my entire row was empty so I could change seats if I pleased. I moved to the seat near the window and I could see the wing from the back. The captain started pushback procedures by switching off the A/C and turning on the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) in order to have electricity to turn on the engines. As the airplane was being pushed back to taxiing position the captain turned on both engines one by one and started to test navigation instruments, rudder, ailerons and spoilers. Soon after that we started taxiing through taxiway B, then we made a turn to taxiway A and we had a straight pass to the runway number 28 without stopping at the holding bars.

We took off and the airplane elevated to a 35° from the horizon, making us ascend at approximately 1,500 feet per minute, we then turned right and from our destination and how the captain was flying I could tell that we were following the UJ12 airway and from the altitude of the clouds I could tell we were flying at an altitude of 33 or 35 thousand feet, it could not be 32, 34 or 36 thousand because we were flying to the east, and ICAO established that when flying east, an airplane must fly at odd altitudes, and when flying west, even altitudes.

After a little more than two hours we started to descend towards the airport in Cancun, we finally landed and  I started looking for the other company's check in desks in order to leave my luggage and find something to eat.

There was a small group of teenagers/young adults in the line before me. they were 3 people, two men and one woman, by the looks of it they were going to visit a female friend in France, all of them from Mexico City, including the person in France, which I assume was studying in France for more least a year now and all of them must have been very close friends and at least one of them was in a relationship with the girl in France. They, or at least their parents must have lots of money, because that was not their first time going to visit their friend and they traveled from Mexico to Cancun by Aeromexico and they stayed a couple of days there before departing to Europe.

I knew they spent two days in Cancun because their luggage still had the stripes that Aeromexico's check in desk in Mexico city pasted. They had arrived Cancun two days ago, the ticket also said "MEX - CUN" which meant they were flying from Mexico City. One of the guys was carrying a transparent bag with a wrapped present in it, which obviously had to be meant for his girlfriend, the girl in France. By the size and of the present I assumed it had to contain chocolates and some sort of jewelry... who buys Mexican chocolates to a Mexican girl who has access to french chocolate without including some sort of additional gift like jewelry. But that is just speculation, since I never had the chance to verify my thoughts.

5 minutes after my analysis it was my time for check in, I did everything without a mistake and then I headed for the duty-free section of the airport to look for something to eat. I found two very tempting options, Bubba Gump Shrimp or Johnny Rocket's Hamburgers. The decision was quite easy for me... I could try a new restaurant that sells sea food, or I could eat at a restaurant I know and sells good hamburgers with meat of an animal that can actually bleed. So I had one of those delicious Smokehouse Double Burger with a Strawberry Milkshake.

Then, after I had my meal I was left with nothing to do but wait one hour until my flight departs.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

About the author

I think it is appropriate to start by writing something about me and how I came to be in my current situation, so I shall do so below.

I was born in the American continent in the country of Mexico twenty five years ago.

As any common child I grew up knowing and believing all that was said to me by my parents or my teachers and yes, even priests.

One day I decided that most of the explanations to my questions were nonsense or just plainly stupid. This introduced me to the scientific method at the age of five and it was by applying it that I started understanding most of my questions by myself or by research.

Soon I began questioning other things that I used to believe, mainly religion. And I discovered that it was inconsistent, incoherent and most of the time illogical, but at the same time I found it brilliant, the idea of making up a story some 1,700 years ago and that nowadays it is still used by very smart people to take money from very stupid people, it is a perfect business model... but I am drifting away.

Back to the point... some years ago I am in high school and my observation skills have improved a lot, I basically became a living lie detector. I used to cheat in most of my exams by asking the teacher "innocent" questions that could be answered "yes" or "no", but still, even when the professor answered "I don't know" most of his behaviour, facial and body expressions gave me an understanding of how right or wrong I was. An example: I am in an exam based on the reading of a book, one that I found very boring and did not read past the second chapter, most of the questions are about parts that I did not read so I ask the teacher to come to my desk and show him my answer, while he is reading it I see his brows, eyes, mouth, fingers and throat, usually, if I was right the professor's brows raised a little bit, his eyes opened a little bit more and his mouth and fingers did not move any more besides what was usual, but, if I was wrong his brows would stood still, he would close a little bit his eyes, his lips pressed against each other and he started playing with his fingers behind his back and a deep breath would cause his throat to expand just a little bit. Of course, that gave me just a clue about my answer, but in order to get the right one I had to came up with what I thought was the right answer, asked about it to the teacher and his usual answer was "I don't know, maybe you should have read the book" and again, looking at those indications I would get an idea about how right or wrong was my new answer.

I kept using those skills in every aspect of my life, that helped me knowing more about people and I think that is why I never bothered to have a girlfriend, every woman I met was either a slut or a plain and simple woman that could be read in less than 5 minutes and I would learn everything about her in that time. Or both boring and a slut.

By the time I finished my studies in high school I started training Kendo, the art of using swords and the way of the samurai... the important thing, I met my current girlfriend there, at the beginning she did not seem as interesting as she really was, and she hated me. But by talking to her I found out she was really interesting, smart and challenging, so I started developing feelings for her and finally we became a couple, I at age 18 and she at age 14.

Skipping 5 years, it is now 2011 and both of us began experimenting with our sexuality, we discovered we like a thing called BDSM, I love to cause pain, torture and submit a person, it calms certain urges I get, and she loves to be tortured and punished and in consequence, dominated.

My skills for reading people, observing and deducting helps me knowing how to read her and her reactions towards my actions, and I apply them in other people I play with... which now brings us to my present situation.

I use my skills to manipulate people to my convenience whenever I see fit, for example, at work I read people and know whether they are lying to me or not and act accordingly, I have reasons to believe that I recently caused a lawyer to be fired from her work, but I do not regret it, she was awful.

I apply my skills when playing with people and I think that helps me becoming a better torturer, I can cause either pain or pleasure, depending on how I do things and how easy I can read the person or how much I know her...

And finally, the present day. My skills are useful for me at work and with both my girlfriends, for punishing them when they do not do their responsibilities or just for fun. Although sometimes I find it hard to fake social interactions, specially with irritating people and I tend to tell the truth however uncomfortable it is. I tend to say anything I have to say, straight to the point. I consider myself capable of feeling, I do feel love, hate, anger, fear, happiness, stress, and lots of other things, the problem is describing my feelings, I do not know if I am some sort of sociopath or psychopath or I just do not care about 99% of the people I interact with.

That is something about me, what I am and how I function and now I think I can proceed with other things such as my recent journey to Europe or BDSM sessions or that time when I emotionally broke X person because he or she was not doing the job good enough, fast enough. But I shall decide that later...