Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paris: Day Two

Before we begin, I must say, this entry will have plenty more images than normal.

It was already morning, that night was the best night of sleep I had since arriving in Europe. We were both awake, it was 6 in the morning but it was still dark. We were in the bed, cuddling and talking about what we were going to do during the day.

It was January 20th, 2014 and what an important date it was, for that day was the day of our eight anniversary, and the day promised to be a very special one. Our plan was to visit Louvre museum, then Orsay museum and then return to the hotel to groom ourselves for a dinner at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant which is located on the first level of the Eiffel Tower and for that reason it already is a very exclusive restaurant which only receives customers with reservation and it receives a small group of maximum 20 people per time.

Suddenly my cellphone started playing "Heat of the moment" by Asia, it was my alarm set to activate at 7:00 am. We took a quick bath and put some comfortable clothes, we grabbed our cameras and set off to spend our aniversary together.

We descended the hotel by elevator, in a way that was now a habit. She pressed the button to call the elevator and I pressed the button for the floor. We left the hotel and crossed the street towards the Duplaix station. Once there I bought 10 metro tickets and we used two of them straight away.

We went off the metro at the Tuileries station. Once outside at ground level, right in front of us was a huge park, we were at the eastern end of it. We decided to go to the museum through the park, taking pictures all the way through our walk, among the pictures were the Arc de triomphe du Carrousel and the facade of the museum.

Walking past the arch and crossing the street we finally got to the entrance of the museum, a glass pyramid, and inside a security checkpoint with metal detectors and scanners for backpacks or bags.

When we crossed the checkpoint we descended through stairs and into the court. The court itself was impressive, with four sales points and one central information module. To the west, a series of shops and a small cafeteria. We decided to buy the tickets, get the map and go to the cafeteria to have breakfast.

After that we decided to follow the recommendations of the person in the information module and started with the Denon wing, upon entering we headed right, towards the sculptures. We admired every sculpture, and with each glimpse of the outside we got from the windows, we also took our time marveling with the architecture of the museum itself.

We then headed to the left of the Denon wing, into ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts. Greek tablets fascinated us. Hughe tablets of rock that look hundred years old with blurry engravings, sometimes highlighted with red ink. Certainly fascinating articles, very tempting to touch for both of us. Moving forward we got to the Egiptian and Roman/Egiptian exhibit, one of our most favourite part of the museum indeed.

One and a half hours have passed and we are still stuck in the Denon wing, immersed in every item, each one of us contemplating our favourite articles, ranging from beautiful books with golden details to daggers with jade hilts and impressive level of detail in the blade.

Eventually, arround 11:20 am, we entered the Sully wing where the medieval exhibit was. It showed the medieval past of Louvre, a part of the castle and what back in the day was the inside part of the main wall and the pit. Since the rocks of the castle were within arm's reach, we decided to touch those ancient rocks, cold to the touch but rich in history. I could not help but wonder what had those rocks seen all those years.

Fourty minutes later we were in the section displaying greek sculptures, our favourite was a sculpture of Artemis, the goddess of hunt, wilderness, the moon and many other things.

Wandering and browsing we made our way to the paintings exhibit, showing paintings of many different artists, among them, our favourite of them all, Leonardo DaVinci. Every painting was beautiful and we simply lost ourselves in the paintings. Suddenly, we found ourselves in the hall where the famous Mona Lisa painting is located. To nobody's surprise the site was crowded with people taking pictures of the painting, we decided not to struggle with people to get to the front and take a picture with our cameras, since pictures of the Mona Lisa can be found everywhere and many of them with better resolution than any of our cameras. Instead, we decided to appreciate the image for what it was, look at the details, and through each stroke of the paintbrush, get to know the painting, and the painter.

We left the museum at approximately 13:40, exhausted and with sensory overload we decided to get something to eat. I led her through Rue des Pyramides and we started looking for something to eat. Finally we decided to go into a bagel joint and eat there.

After finishing our meals we returned to the garden Jardin des Tuileries and decided to wander about, spending some time with each other, looking at the fountains, at the ducks, at the landscape, at each other. We finally arrived to the eand of the garden and to the obelisk. Before us there was a ferris wheel, we climbed it and took time for ourselves, up there we shared a delicious and passionate kiss.

Finally it was time, we headed back to our hotel room, rested a bit, took a shower and started grooming ourselves for our dinner. I wore a black suit with suspenders and a bowtie, coat, raincoat and a long wool scarf. While she was in the bathroom I took time to look myself at the mirror, check my pockets and took a small white box, containing the main reason for our dinner tonight. I heard the bathroom door opening and I quickly put the box away in my coat's inner pocket. She came out of the bathroom in one of the most beautiful outfits I have had the pleasure to see. A long-sleeved black shirt and elegant black leggings, on top of that a beautiful short sleeveless dress. On her head a white french-style beret, her hair was uncomplicated and perfect, she had little to no make up on her face and beautiful red lips.

We left the hotel and walked to our destination, it was already dark and it was barely 18:00. We finally got there, once again to the Eiffel Tower, but this time, instead of dining in the boat of the previous day we were about to have dinner in the most exclusive and expensive restaurants I have ever visited, the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, it rested in the first level of the Eiffel Tower, facing the Trocadero square.

Once up there a waitress took us to our table which had a beautiful view of the Trocadero Sqare, as soon as we got to our table another waiter came to us and served us two glasses of Möet & Chandon champagne and two glasses of still water.

We both were excited to be there, because of the place, of the ocation, but mainly because of the company we had. I wanted to make of this a very special occasion, but the truth is that any other place would be just as good, as long as I was with her.

For the entrée we both had chestnut cream with mushrooms and fine herbs, it was simply delicious; it was my first time trying chestnuts.

For the main course she had baked chicken covered with oat with a side of pumpkin and glazed onions and jus, a reduction of herbs and red wine.
On the other hand, I had roasted lamb with a side of artichoke macaroni covered in parmesan cream with jus.
 And to drink along with our dishes, a bottle of a 29 year old Château La Pierrière red wine.

For dessert she had Profiterole, which is vanilla ice cream covered in hot chocolate sauce. I had a Mont-Blanc which was a white macaron with cream and chestnut, along eith a cup of coffee.

The dinner was finished and it was time for me to do my thing, I held her in my arms whie I asked her the question I was there to ask, then, I got the little white box and opened it before her eyes, showing a white-gold-coated silver ring with a natural deep blue sapphire. Before you say anything, yes, we are quite an unconventional couple and yes, this stone was a better choice instead of diamond for many reasons I will not bother to detail. Once she saw the ring she was rendered speechless, here eyes and mouth were wide opened and I noticed her cheeks blushing. She froze in that position so I took the ring in one hand, saved the box in my pocket and took her right hand in my other hand. As I slid the ring into her finger she began breathing heavily out of excitement. After that point she did not stop looking at her ring, telling to herself how beautiful and perfect it was, thanking me and hugging me, kissing me and screaming in excitement. That was our way back to the hotel.

Once there we shut the door behind us and did not loose any time before getting rid of our clothes. She went back into the bathroom and came out using a red thong and red long-sleeved gloves. With her she had another toy she bought specially for that night, some sort of egg, made specifically for male masturbation. Before anything she got read of my underpants, exposing my already erect member. She started carressing it with her hands, using the gloves, providing a magnificent sensation, while kissing me in my mouth, neck and chest.

Then she proceeded to open the toy and remove her gloves, and just as I did with her finger and her ring, she slid my penis inside her toy and started stroking it with the toy. The sensation was incredible, feeling the textures of the toy and her hand through it. Things got a little rough and she pierced the toy with my penis, exposing the tip to the open air. That gave her the great idea of carry on stroking me with the toy while licking and sucking the tip. For me it was only several minutes, but as she later pointed out, tenths of minutes later I could not help my self but ejaculate, so I did and after cleaning myself for logic reasons I took her to the bed, and got out a toy favourite of us, a black leather twelve tails flogger. I forced her to crouch on all fours on the bed and I started whipping her on her back, her ass and the back of her legs. She started screaming in pain, but later her screams turned into moans of pleasure, then I penetrated her from behind and without stopping whipping her back I thrusted myself in and out of her. A few orgasms on her behalf later I ditched the flogger, turned her around, spread her legs wide open and placed myself between them, once there I penetrated her and started moving my hips. As her pleasure increased she started biting my neck and scratching my back with her nails. The sensation of her hands and her mouth, combined with the sensation of my penis entering her repeatedly combined into another orgasm which came at the same time as another orgasm of hers.

When we finished we were so exhausted we did not bother taking a shower that night and just as we were about to sleep she said: "That was our first time having sex as an engaged couple".

We spent the rest of that night sleeping while hugging ourselves, or if we were hot, pushing ourselves away to cool down a bit, another strange night, but what a perfect day it was.

©All images belong to Amel Hartmann and Evelyn Mayfair

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