Wednesday, 28 May 2014

To The Most Important Person in My Life

We met more than eight years ago and I have to say, when I first saw you I did not think very much of you, you seemed to me as just another girl who loved disney so much she could not get out of an Aladdin's sweater to train Kendo. Just after I first saw you I found out you studied at one of the most religious schools in the city, quite expensive too by the way and that did not help improve my perception of you.

How mistaken I was, I think that first analysis of you has been one of my greatest mistakes, because eight years in the future you have become the most important person in my life. Today is your birthday, however, it may comfort you to know that I am still four years older than you.

With you I have learned a whole lot of different things, in many ways we have grown together, learned together and experience new things together, both good things and bad things.

You know I am not good with words or with expressing feelings, and that is why this message may seem brief, but it has taken me hours to write. I cannot find the words to express how happy I am for you, how proud I am for what you have accomplished so far. I am privileged of having you as my spankee and occasionally, when we feel like it, my pet slave.

I congratulate you, not just because of your birthday, but also because mine was a few days ago and we have just passed another year of learning together, even if right now you find yourself studying in another continent across the ocean and I want to reassert what I asked you in Paris, I invite you to spend your life alongside with me, learning from each other and enjoying ourselves the whole time.

Yours always,

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  1. My love; my dark angel; I dont have any words to describe my feelings for you.
    I only know that I belong to you.

    Love you so much.